Accredited vs. non-accredited

In a 2017 study* by EPG Communications Group health care professionals attributed significantly more value to CME accredited events than non-accredited: with over 75% attributing high or very high value to accredited events, compared to less than 35% who attributed high value to non-accredited events. Did you know Mevipro works closely with Vesaliana, an organization approved by Riziv/Inami, and is thus able to help you with your accreditation for an event?

More information about accreditation or Mevipro's products and services? Feel free to contact us, we’d love to tell you more. Mevipro ** EPG Communications Group. 2017. Scientific Meetings in the Digital Age. The what, where, when and how of evolving healthcare professional demand and pharmaceutical industry supply. 12.


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