No time for reps

Sales reps’ access to physicians continues to decline. While 80% of physicians were deemed accessible to reps in 2008, just 44% were still opening doors to reps in 2016*. Quite a steep decrease, isn’t it? In response, many pharmaceutical companies have – understandably – increased their use of other channels in an attempt to ensure that their messages are hitting their mark. According to ZS’s study, however, that strategy isn’t always effective and many doctors feel overwhelmed by the constant barrage of marketing messages. A smarter strategy requires understanding physician’s individual preferences for specific marketing channels, leading to better engagement.

With 30 years of experience, Mevipro has gained insight in physician’s preferences and can help improve your engagement. Feel free to contact us, we’d love to tell you more about our services and products.


* ZS Sales + Marketing. 2016. Want Better Access to Physicians? Understand What’s Top of Mind – How to broaden your reach – and target your messaging – to engage healthcare providers. 1.


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