Congrats, your attention span increased

While technology is often blamed for shortening attention spans, email is not a culprit. In fact, the average time spent reading an email increased over the past years, according to an analysis of email opens between 2011 and 2016*. Did you know that the average email gets 11,1 seconds of our time? In comparison with the numbers of 2011, this is an increase of nearly 7%. Also, engagement increased:
  • 22,4% of emails get less than 2 seconds of our time (glancing at)

  • 20,8% between 2 and 8 seconds (skim reading)

  • and most emails - 56,8% - get more than 8 seconds (actual reading)

While email attention spans are increasing, they are still pretty short. Using compelling images, a mobile-friendly design and an effective subject line are just a few ways to encourage deeper reading.
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* Want to know more about email attention spans? Click here


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