Avalanche in your mailbox

January 25, 2018

The average business person gets 120 emails a day (1). No surprise the main reason (2) why people unsubscribe is: “I get too many emails”. Of all those emails, only 38% is perceived as important or relevant (3).
Stress factor
Moreover, 92% of people show elevated blood pressure and heart rate when handling emails at work (4). Especially many unread emails serve as a stress factor. When reaching out to your target group it is thus important to not bombard them with emails and create tailor-made content to maximize engagement.
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(1) Want to learn more? Click here

(2) Based on an online survey by Fluent on December 3, 2015 among 1603 American adults (aged 18-65+).

(3) More email statistics? Click here

(4) Based on a study with 30 government employees by Dr Thomas Jackson in 2013.


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