What physicians want from reps

According to DRG Digital’s Manhattan Research survey, physicians get an average of 6.4 rep visits per month, at an average 11 minutes per visit*. As such, physician facetime is a rare and precious commodity for the industry. The question is: how to get more value out of each one of those minutes?
First, physicians want to see fewer product refreshers, and more patient-centered content. As a physician stated during the survey*: “There’s not really value in a rep refreshing on resources like trial information. If I need a reminder about a drug, I would look it up myself.”
Secondly, visits should showcase pharma digital resources. Info about administering an injection for example. Half of physicians are more likely to search for a specific resource on a pharma site after being shown it during an in-person rep meeting*.
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* Source: ePharma Physician® 2017


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