How to reach young physicians?

Although the gap in digital use by older and younger physicians is gradually narrowing, a study* found that millennial physicians are more active on their smartphones. They use their smartphones during and between patient consults at a much higher rate than their older peers.
Millenial physicians also make much more use of mobile apps, which are far more influential on their medical decision-making compared to 55+ physicians.
Finally, millennial physicians are tougher for reps to reach than their older colleagues. This generation of physicians completed their education at a time when medical schools were moving to sharply restrict contact with reps and as a result, these doctors are less inclined to meet with reps and feel less reliant upon them for information. They are, however, more open to some forms of remote communication with reps than their older peers.
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* Source: Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2017


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