How to make an impact

When it comes to impact, video is the format with the highest performance in the years to come. In fact, one third of all activity online is spent watching video. This makes it an incredible format for pharma marketing. Want to know why? One of the huge advantages of video is the ability to present lots of data in very little time. Compared to text, video is much easier to consume. Using video, you can explain your latest publications, advancements in research and point out the strengths of your products. It has never been easier to access HCPs.
Video is the preferred method for physicians to consume content. Instead of scheduling a meeting a with a sales rep, they can watch a video any time they want. Between consultations, between meetings, during their lunch break or even after work. Video also is a great way to improve engagement with physicians. Compared to boring text newsletters, marketing emails that include videos will earn a 200-300% increase in click-through traffic. Data by Forbes reveal that about 90% of consumers state they use product videos as part of their decision-making. Moreover, 65% of decision-makers will visit a brand’s website after watching a video.
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